How to make Subtractive and Additive BSP Brushes Create New Faces?

Hi all,

I am subtracting from a BSP box which is hollow and am wondering if there is anyway to make it so that the subtractive brush leaves a face on the additive? Kind of like how a boolean works in blender, I believe its called an intersection?

The picture attached is what I’m trying to do, with the red being where I wish to have a new face on the additive brush.


You left the picture out…

oops, thanks for letting me know!

Having said that, I don’t think it’s gonna happen with the brushes. I think you need to use the static mesh editor ( with the new editing plugin ).

EDIT: Yup, can’t do it with that either as far as I can see… probably wrong…

no worries, thanks anyway :slight_smile: