How to make Steam Achievements?

Hi. So please note I am a novice. I have uploaded my game to steam and it lacks achievements.
How to make a steam achievement with Unreal Engine? How the stuff works?

  1. Do I need to create a variable for tracking an achivement? For example, achievement “Walk 5Km”. Do I need to create a variable in Unreal Engine that will store amount of metres walked?
  2. What do I do next after creating this variable? Do I need to create a boolean variable that will store if the achievement was achieved or not?
  3. If we finished with UE here, what do I do with steam next?

Couldn’t find a proper tutorial covering every step, please help! I am sure a lot of people will find this useful as well!

What do we need? We need a bump! It’s a great topic, someone answer please :slight_smile:

Hey QurbanOlum, have you ever reviewed the link below?

Yes, I have. I didn’t find answers to my questions

Does anyone know how to create an achievement?

Any normal tutorial? The link is some bullst. I doesnt explain anything, not showing the porccess, mechanism, steps, examples

Okay. I followed a youtube tutorial on how to add steam stuff to project. BUT how to actually program achievements - I had to figure out myself.