How to make Static Meshes hover/levitate?

What i mean is by making a mesh stay floating in the air but making it slightly move in different directions that are very subtle. I’m trying to get this futuristic make have certain piece levitate.

You could animate your mesh with matinee or do it in the blueprint with a set actor location :slight_smile:

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a level BP will be able to animate anything you need…

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Change world gravity to +1> and stuff with physics should float.

Don’t individual actors have gravity multipliers? Set that to 0 or something tiny and negative rather than making the whole world go up instead of down.

You could even animate the gravity (Or strictly their location if you don’t want to use physics) with a Timeline.

And why would you put the hovering object’s behavior in the level blueprint? Make a blueprint of the static mesh so the behavior comes with the object into any level.

I think what President is trying to say is so that the mesh that it is begin applied to isn’t beign effected by other factors. like in my pic

. i want to try and make the wingspans of the platform that are are shown rotating, which I’m not going to do, instead levitate slightly up, down, left and right but to stay in the general location and not be effected by anything like shooting it or standing on it. if im explaining that correctly.

Save the original position of the actor. Then take three curves and build them into a vector, and add that to the position of the actor for that frame.

Players standing on it is going to be an issue all its own. Worse if the view is close up or first person.

do i do this in blueprints or cascade or something? where are curves and save position? vector? frame? sorry still learning UE4.

anyone got a video of a good tutorial on how to do it?

should i do it in matinee?