How To Make Static Mesh Roll/Tilt (Aircraft Barrel Roll)?

Hi everyone,

I have tried to make the mesh of my player controller (a spaceship) roll to varying degrees as a turning mechanic (and hopefully create a barrel roll mechanic in the future)

I have noticed in the flying sample project, the ship moves by aiming its nose and doesn’t really roll/tilt like an aircraft should?

I have tried to add the Add Roll node to my player controller but it also rolls the camera, which I do not want. I have tried to add the static mesh instead of player controller, but the nodes aren’t compatible.

Does anyone know how to make the static mesh roll without the camera? I was hoping not having to do any clamping.

Thanks in advance.

Go into Components and attach a Spring Arm to root, and then attach the camera to the Spring Arm.

Now you can rotate the mesh and the camera (you can move the Spring Arm and/or the camera itself) separately or together, and just generally have more control over the camera/mesh relationship.

Thanks for such a fast reply,

Do you know how the blueprint format would be for rotate the mesh separately with the camera? I already have the spring arm component w/ camera inside my ROOT, but I have been still struggling with this part of the problem.

Thank you

Whenever you are setting your rotation, you’ll want to plug in the rotating component into the Target slot of the node. Your components will appear on the left by the variables when you’re in your event graph.

Feel free to send some pictures of your setup if you’re still having trouble. Components and Event Graph would be helpful.

Thanks for your help, here is a picture,
I can’t seem to get the mesh to rotate independently of the pawn, even with camera spring.

Hi Zatoi,

Instead of creating the rotation node first, try dragging off of the static mesh component in question and then type in rotation. This should produce a context sensitive menu specifically for that variable.

This fixed it, thanks a lot. Next step for me is to plug it into make rot and a lerp to make the transition smooth.