How to make stargate type material on mesh?

I have a weapon I’m making, a special type of sword, and I want to have one part of the sword to have a different material than the rest of the sword that isn’t going to use any of my textures. Instead I want to create a material that gives it a watery ripple look while also has a glowing like effect and it moves. So it’ll kind of look like the stargate portal but I’ll have a few things about it looking different. It’s going to go onto one of the spheres on my sword. I want the watery look to be ocean like and move nice n slow with the waves and I want there to be like a glowing light in the center so it will kind of look like this all the way around the sphere to matter how you turn it.

it sounds simple since I can just manipulate an existing ocean shader or make my own because it is easy to do but I don’t know how I can control the ripple speed to create a calm ocean movement and adjust the color gradient so it has a medium blue to light cyan and most important the greenish cyan glow effect that’ll always be in the center of the sphere and always animating the material. If anyone of you knows how to do that I would love to know.

this kind of glow 6471810507_6c666ace2f_z.jpg

-ocean -> just take a look at the water material from the water pack which you can find in the learn tab of the launcher. It includes different materials + some material instances. In the material instances you can change the wave speed, size, colour,… It works the same when you create your own water material -> change the speed with the panner nodes and the colour with the vector node
-glowing -> depends on how exactly it should look like. e.g when you need something like a “3d glowing” effect, just add a sphere and apply a material with emissive to it + add a point light so that you have an actual light + make sure that the water is transparent :slight_smile: