How to make sprite sheets?

Hi guys. I just finished the paper 2d tutorials on youtube, except for the very last video. Anyways, the guy in the video uses sprites that he had previously done, so I never got a chance to see how he did them, however I do believe he is using photoshop to make the sprites. He has the knowledge and experience to do them, but I don’t, and I have no idea how to.

I do have photoshop and my art already done to start messing around with some game ideas, but I still don’t know how to make a sprite sheet like the video shows. I looked around everywhere but can’t seem to find a good tutorial on this issue.

Do any of you know of some good in depth tutorials explaining how to do sprite sheets on photoshop?

I would really appreciate any help, it’d be silly if I stopped trying to make my own games because of something like this.


I personally do everything in photoshop. Therefore I use this technique to “draw” my sprites (the idle one) and after that I modify the cubes so that it looks different (like walking) v=hFZBUWHVSrM :slight_smile:

Thanks man, this is a good tutorial, but it doesn’t quite answer my question. It’s good if you want to draw your stuff on photoshop, but I already have my images, the ones I want to use. Is it possible to just port them to photoshop and create a sprite sheet with them? I must be possible, but I cant seem to find any good tutorials on how to do that :frowning:

Ah, you just want to know how to put everything together -> this video should help you: ?v=cRE2G96591E :slight_smile: