How to make sphereReflectionCapture capture translucent material?


I just setup a translucent material for my character’s hair, and I notice the sphereReflectionCapture placed on level

didn’t capture my character’s hair. (It reflect everything but my character’s hair)

How can I setup my translucent material so it can be captured by sphereReflectionCapture?

Thank you.

Hey rit,

Would you mind showing me how you have your material set up for your characters hair?

Also, take a look at the two documentation links below which elaborate on how to use Sphere Reflection Captures correctly and effectively.


Sphere Reflection Capture Actor

Let me know if you are still having troubles getting your reflections to function properly. Be sure to turn on ‘Screen Space Reflections’ within your levels ‘Post Process Volume’ if one exists in your scene.


Hi, thanks for reply.

I tweaked with SSR settings in my postprocessvolume, but so far didn’t make the translucent mat appear on reflection.

here is my translucent mat setup:

here is my postprocess SSR setup:

Hi, I’m still having this issue, is there anyone who can explain why I can’t get translucent material reflected?

Hi rit,

I think you are mixing up screenspace reflections and the captured sphere reflections.

Whenever screenspace reflections are enabled, the screenspace reflection will override the sphere reflections, and the sphere reflection will be used anywhere that is reflected offscreen.

I think what you are seeing above is actually screenspace reflections not the sphere. As suggested make sure you try going to Show->LightingFeatures-> ScreenSpaceReflections and uncheck the box to isolate the issue.

The sphere reflection actor should always capture the translucency. Screenspace reflections will only capture the translucency if “RealTime” is enabled as well as TemporalAA (Show->AntiAliasing).

However the accuracy of reflected translucency in screenspace reflections is not going to be as good as the opaque geometry so you may see something weird like the window pane not being in exactly the right spot

You are absolutely right!

I get confused with spherereflection and screenspacereflection.

And yes, as you have pointed out, I turned off TemporallAA in my project, so the SSR isn’t working properly with my translucent material!!!

Thank you so much!!!