How to make "spawn actor" work with particle emitter?

I have a head mesh that keeps rotating and a BP that has a fire particle emitter and capsule collision(for later damage use). I try to emit from the head and want the particle to move with the head as it rotates.
right now it only spawns at one point(Start of the head rotation point) and stays there.
How to fix this?

I dont want to use a spawn emitter and socket( bcuz later I want the fire to damage the player), or is there a way to use particle emitter and damage player?
Sorry Im new UE4

Might not be the most elegant way, but the way I did it (fire extinguisher that shot particles out of the end) Was create a blueprint class, bring in your ‘gun’ or what ever your mesh is going to be. Attach the Particle system UNDER that (parented), and put it in position (end of the item). In My character I created a ‘spawn location asset’ and placed it under my character hierarchy, and in position to where I would want an item spawned. When the time comes, I spawn the Extinguisher at the location of the placeholder, Parent the Extinguisher to the character in the same fashion via blueprints, and then the emitter follows along for the ride. If you only have 1 or 2 items (instead of 100s) I would just put it in place directly in your character viewport, and simply hide/show it when you need to. - again just some work arounds until a better sol comes up.