How to make sound play from different locations?

You need to provide Location input into your “Play sound at location” node

Hello, total newbie here. How can I make a sound come from a specific location in the map? I’m using “Play Sound at Location” but it doesn’t come from the actual location, it’s just everywhere (mono) in the map.


I just need to enter coordinates?

Yes, either you can enter coordinates directly or get a reference of some Level object and find its location using “Get Actor Location” or “Get World Location” and enters its output to the location input in node “Play Sound at Location”.
For example if you want your sound to be played at location of your character, you can do the following:

Nice! I linked TriggerBox to GetActorLocation and then Return Value to the Location. Works just great now. Thanks.

Edit: Although, seems like it doesn’t work with my custom sound files which I made in Audacity with 16 bit PCM (.wav). Only works with stock sounds. But that’s a different problem.

thanks man

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