How to make something supported platform?

Hello everyone i have a little question if i had download something from marketplace but that wasn’t supported to android or ios platform is there way to make it supported which mean if i had download it is that make problem to my project if i had need to packagingto ios or android??

Alright bro that’s mean i can packaging the project to many platform without problem?

If a package says it only supports windows ( for instance ), it generally means that the developer can only be bothered to write it and support if on that platform.

If other platforms are supported, it usually means the developer also has access to those platforms and will have tested the product there.

Having said that, most packages will probably work on all desktop platforms, unless they are extremely specific in terms of materials and so on.

In terms of phones etc, if it’s a fairly standard package, you can probably get it running pretty easily on those platforms with a bit of tweaking, but there is absolutely no guarantee obviously.

You can’t resell the package, but you can use the package to make a game on any platform you want to develop on.

sorry but what do you mean with can’t resell ?

You can’t just take someone’s package, make it work on Android, and sell it on the marketplace.

You have to use it in a game, and that game is yours to sell, on any platform…