How to make some object instancing

Hello there,

I created some new models and just placing them in the scene with copy and paste , makes each new some totally new object not an instance.
If i change something in vertex color in one model it does not reflect in others models , so how to make some object an instancing ?
It is mandatory to use blueprints ?

Thanks for your time.

Instancing in Blueprints is actually batching, where they get batched together as a single draw call, good for doing stuff like minecraft type games where you have many objects that are low-poly.
Instancing–where it only keeps one of an object in memory but allows you to place multiple copies–is done automatically, it will reference back to the object in the content browser.

Oh, so you mean i have to add the 3D model inside a blueprint to have instancing working. It is not some other way ?

No, it does instancing(to reduce memory consumption) already, if you need batching(to reduce draw calls) then you have to use Blueprint instancing.