How to make snowboard movement/physics in ue4?

I’m making a mobile game and have hit a road block on what I thought was going to be the easiest thing: movement. I want to make movement similar to Steep or the shield sliding in Breath of The Wild. I have searched the internet everywhere and have not found solid answers on how to make snowboard movement that also supports jumping. I have tried using character bp, I have tried simulating physics on a mesh, I have tried using a floating pawn movement component, and I have tried complicated math I copied off of a VR snowboarding tutorial. There are so many snowboarding games yet little tutorials for snowboarding movement. If anyone has any knowledge on this please answer. I’ve been at this for weeks.

This is what I want to implement:
Snowboard Video

I would try vehicle physics for this. You can easily set up controls, friction, etc.
You might use thrusters to control the board on the fly and to make a jump