How to make smooth transition from sprint to walk?

Hi guys, so I’m making a open world game and before I move on to things such as the landscape and vehicles I want to get my character squared away, he can walk and sprint properly, however, transitioning from sprint to walk isn’t terrible but I want it to be really realistic, like in GTA 5 when you stop running transitioning into walk the character slows down into the animation rather than instantly stopping or going into walk, if you haven’t seen this in the game I will try to find a video to show you but if any one knows it would be great! Thanks

That’s what blend spaces are for.

As Evilcleric said you need a walk and the sprint animation and pull them onto the scale of a 2d blendspace in the animation editor. You then tweak the values if needed.

Ah I see, thank you very much for the info, I will do that now.