how to make smooth transition between two camera?

i make camera switch system like this.
can i make smooth transition when switch between two camera?

timeline not compatible this case.


For this example I use three cameras. I used the FP_Camera and TP_Camera for get transformation of player controller. And Trans_Cam for visualisation of transition.

This is result

thanks for comment.
i try it now!

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This works great, but not if your transitions are linked to an active button.

I made a modification of this which allows transitions to be controlled by holding or releasing the button rather than a toggle.

This implementation won’t jitter or jump if you release the mouse before transition completes (it reverses direction instead), rotation is applied alongside lerp to keep transition camera in a consistent orientation.
My implementation was for an Over the Shoulder style camera, but could easily be swapped for a first person camera instead. If you want to use a OTS style cam like I did, the second image shows my setup - there were no majors changes to the OTS/Trans camera from the Follow cam, beyond turning off auto-activate. The over shoulder positioning is handled by changing the socket location of the spring arm (called OTSCameraBoom here). I moved both boom (spring)arms up in the Z axis.

I have tried solution from here on GearVR and it seems this method doesn’t work there.

If you want to move the camera from front/rear to side, add a SetWorldRotation node immediately after the SetWorldLocation node, and link in the Rotation from the Lerp (Transform) node. Works like a charm! Thanks!

Also - in 4.20, I had to put a Break Transform node after the Lerp (Transform) node. All other connections worked fine in 4.20.

This was super helpful, thanks so much!

I wanted to make a solution in C++ instead of relying on Blueprints, and I found the Blueprint you provided to be extremely useful. If anyone is curious about this C++ approach, I wrote a Medium article about it: