How to make shooter game content example singleplayer mode

Like the title says I’m trying to figure out how to make the shooter game content example a single player game basically want to get rid of the online stuff so that i can set up missions an check points etc… I’m no good with c++ so i really don’t know were i should be looking or what i should be deleting in order to make it a single player game. I Already deleted all the other maps an started a fresh map an have my world half built. But it really didn’t occur to me that i don’t know how to take it out of multiplayer mode till i got this far in my level design. Anyways any help on this would be great!

Thanks in advance!

What I recommend you start with is learning C++ from scratch as if you keep following tutorials and examples, you will encounter problems finishing or adding your own features to it as you won’t understand very well what is going on.

I have a few sources you can use to learn C++ with no experience at all.

First read this book and start learning C++:

Follow this tutorial Epic has made on YouTube to get an understanding for C++: 3rd Person Power-Up Game with C++ (pre v4.9) - YouTube

Or if you really don’t want to take a couple weeks - couple months to learn C++: Use Epic’s First Person Shooter Tutorial: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hope that helps, but as I said, it is recommended to start with my first link, and if you want then base your game off the first person shooter tutorial but at least you will be able to expand on to it instead of reaching the end and not knowing what to do.

I do plan on doing that for my next game but atm im stuck with a game thats half finshed written mostly in blueprint with the shooter game as a base. i just need to get rid of the multiplayer aspec of it or how to add a singleplayer mode with out messing up the current code. Stopping an scrapping what ive already done with all my blueprints isnt a option.

I think you should perhaps create a new GameMode. Still as far as I know there are network related code in almost every core game classes (Weapon, Character…) in shooter game. But in single player mode, the client will be acting as the server and everything should work as expected.
One way to remove net code (if you so desire) is to scan through the code and find out sections of code that check for net role. In a strictly single player game, you wont need those checks and instead can do gameplay related stuff directly (like applying damage …).
But like I said, when there is only 1 client those role checks will succeed anyway and will work exactly the way you want. So your best option will be to define a new game-mode and code it the way you want.

But thats just my opinion. Wait and hear what others have to say. There could be a way better solution.

yeah ive been trying the add new game mode thing only issuse is when i set it up hit play game i can do everything but shoot soon as i left click the editor crashes. still trying to figure that out.

Have you tried the debugger? It might allow you to see where exactly the crash occurs. Look into the code for weapon and projectiles and see if they reference any variable or function defined in the original game mode class.