How to make server player move with out replicating it to evreyone

Since the characters in my game have planet gravity im using the flying movement of the character movement the problem with the replication is that using replicate movement seems to cause the client to jitter and lag back it seems to not play nicely with the character always rotating to align with the planet so instead their movement dosent replicate and instead there is a mesh component that is teleport to his location making it look as if he is movement to other players when he is not . this worked much better than expected and clients movment was really smooth but the problem is that the servers movment always replicates and i cant figure out how to make certant movements only move for the server and not replicate to everyone for clients i just use the run on owning client but for the server it still replicates so how do a run an event on the server to move him that dos not replicate.