How to make separate possesed pawn move using first players inputs

Here’s the deal, right now I’m trying to record the players inputs to the keyboard and mouse and save them in an array using an event tick, and then spawning a separate character, recording works perfectly, however when i try and take the values and put them into another pawn, it doesn’t work.

if the secondary pawn is possessed by another player controller, it ignores everything and wont move, if it isn’t possessed however it kind of works, its allows WASD movement inputs, but it ignores mouse inputs, so it can walk forward, but if i record it walking forward and slowly turning, it cant do the turning part, and instead just continues to walk forward

my question is how do i fix this?

I’m trying to do something similar and was wondering if you could help me understand how to record the input and how you would apply the input to the other pawn.