How to make screenshot visible in IPad gallery?

Is there a possibility to make a screenshot by execute command “shot” that will be visible in ipad album?

For now it only make screenshot and save it in game directory, but it is not visible in album

Hi Yabol,

Have you found the solution yet ? Me too am facing the same issue here and crucially need the solution.

Anyone out there know how to solve this ? please help. Thanks

Why don’t you make simple screenshot with the iPad/iPhone? Press the homebutton and the standby button at the same time and it creates a screenshot in your album…? Or do you need it as a game option with a button?

Hi there,

Ya, it is an option in the game itself.

for sure the manual method of Home + Power button work but it wont be an element of function in my game.

any idea how to make it happen ? thank you

Hello everyone,

Would like to check is there anyone found the solution to this request ?

I am still hunting for the solution. Thanks

Same here! I think this thread is already closed!LOL