how to make score system in unreal engine

How do I make the score system in unreal engine? When I hit a target, I want to earn points as much as the number I hit. How do I do it?

The best way would be to do this:

  • Create a new Blueprint of parent class PlayerState
  • Make a variable of type Integer in your PlayerState and name it Score
  • In your GameMode, set the PlayerState class to your newly created PlayerState class
  • In your Blueprint that controls the hitting of targets, get a reference to the PlayerState, cast it to your custom type, and increment Score
  • Have a UMG widget display the Score to the user using a text block.

ben profos yenel değilimde biraz daha açıklayabilirmisiniz

What NachoMonkey the Second suggests is better but it seems you’re not after something good, but after something lazy (you can’t have both, sadly)

  • the target:

  • the player shoots at targets and counts the points:

Or, look at hundreds of YT tuts that help with that.