How to make scorched earth resources work on the island with stacking mods???


I hit a wall that I just can’t surpass! I’m working on a map extension that adds the SE resources in the island so ppl can harvest them.

The problem is how to make ppl be able to learn the SE engrams needed to use those resources and not break stacking mods.

The 1st thing I tried was to remap the original engrams from SE to copies that are not on the SE group but on the normal group so they are available for learning. The problem with this approach is that all stacking mods replace the resource engrams by child BPs that point to the new modified resources instead of the new ones. If I load the stacking mod before the map extension, the map just don’t find the original engrams to remap. If I load the extension before the stacking mod, it doesn’t find the engrams it needs to replace by the new ones that point to the modified resources.

Even if I create a bench or something to put BPs to craft the resources, those resources are not the ones made with the stacking engrams and are not recognized by other engrams nor they stack with the new values.

I just don’t see how to make those two things work together.