How to make rain?

Hi all…
How i can add a rain?(not that in the water cave…that is not rain…)

There is a weather pack for I think like $20 in the marketplace that has rain as a particle system. Unless you know how to create your own particle system.

There are two types that I am aware of, planes and particles. With particles it is actually raining. The plane method is when you have textured planes that are animated to make it look like it is falling.

Tesla dev captured that training stream, about making snow and rain.

But i don’t have the BaseMaterial_mat…
Where it should be?

As far as i can see, he only uses “BaseParticle_Mat” and he creates this at the beginning.
Watch the video. If you find something not working or so, tell us the Time of the Video
where you don’t know how to progress.

And if i want to stop rain under a solid thing?