How to make radial force in projectile collide simulating rocketjump?

How to make radial force where projectile hit the ground thats push players simulating rocketjump? Like rocketlauncher in q3.

Prior to 4.2, this would require you to emulate the functionality of the radial force actor by applying a velocity (in the direction of the vector from the explosion point to the player) to the actor directly.
For 4.2, we have added some new functionality where (first of all) radial force actors can be set to affect characters, so you could spawn a short-lived radial force actor to simulate an explosion. We have also added new AddForce() and AddImpulse() calls to CharacterMovementComponent so it is easier for you to do this yourself.

Do you have an estimate on 4.2? There seems to be so many great new features that I’m almost putting my main work on hold until I can access the improved engine :smiley:

I cant say for certain as I am not on the releases team, but it’s really close.