How to make player pawn rotate with camera direction?

I’m trying to create a basic aiming system for a third person game and so far, I can get the camera to zoom in at the press of a button, but I don’t know how to get the character to face the direction of the camera while holding the aim button. Does anyone know what to do?

There are several places which can affect the camera and your character, basically you want to start with looking into the movement component tab. Do you use the ThirdPerson map example? Also, a screenshot could help people to better assist you.

This is what I have set up for camera aim. I’m using the third person game template and this image is located inside the “MyCharacter” blueprint.


Basically, whenever I turn my character to the left and to the right (or any any other direction via keyboard controls), the camera won’t stay behind the character. I want to set the camera so that it will stay behind the character while aiming much like in Uncharted, Dead Space, inFamous, etc.

Try this. It turns your character to your cameras direction.

That only works when zooming in, but while zoomed in and the mouse is moving, it does nothing. It also causes an unintended bug where the player character mesh is entirely rotated in the camera’s direction.