How to make player of specific team a specific class via verse

I want to have one Team A only be class 1 and Team B only be class 2 but i cant figure out how to do it. Anyone that can help

Hey there @CircuitC, I work on the UEFN docs team. You can use a few Fortnite Creative devices to create the exact system you’re looking to use in your experience.

You can use a ClassDesigner device to create a custom class.

This Class Designer device is typically used with the Class Selector device. The Class Selector determines how the class will be used on the island.

Additionally, there’s a Class UI device that allows you to create special messages for different classes. To separate teams, you can use a Team Settings device to customize your teams.

Here’s a gameplay example that explains how to use the Class Selector and Class Designer to set up some basic class functionality. Class Setup In an Arena

My issues are
1: the game needs to automatically assign players a class, not the player using a class selector.
2: you can still go into the class selection menu and change your class which i DON’T want

I ended up using the Triad Infiltration as inspiration but it still does not do exactly what i need.

Hey, as UsedTires said, you can use the Team Settings and Inventory Device, here’s a setting that could help you!

you can use the random number generator

Use two different player spawners for Teams 1 and 2, and in their details panel change class settings to either 1 or 2