How to make player controlled character flee?


I’m trying to add a gameplay mechanic where an ai enemy, another player, or an object in the world cause cause a ‘fear’ effect that forces a player to turn around and run in the opposite direction for a set amount of seconds. However, I haven’t been able to find a method of smoothly moving to such a location, only teleporting. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks

You can use Timeline for that. It will keep updating your object location (and whatever else you need) smoothly in time.

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I’ve actually thought of ways to implement something like that…
one thing you could do is swap out the method that you move the player… like just use the navmesh in a point and click way that real time strategy games use… and then swap back when the effect is done…
OR… a maybe more creative approach… is say you have a player that has fear cast on him from some character… you could do some kind of camera effect or UMG thing where maybe a menacing black dot forms around the character that you’re afraid of… so whenever you look at it…or arent moving away… your screen turns black and shakes or something. basically making you the player be like “whoa… i need to get away from here”… IDK… just ideas