How to make player able to walk off one side of screen and appear on the other?

For a 2D side-scroller where the game is confined to one panel, how would I go about making the player able to walk off one side of the screen and his/her path be continued on the other (like Pac-Man, Mario Bros., Joust)?

That’s fairly straightforward.

Just create a BP which had nothing but a box in it.

Add a variable to where the actor should be teleported to (making an vector variable editable and showing a 3D widget will allow you to place it in the level) and teleport all actors which begin to overlap there.

if player location.x is greater than Screen.width, subtract Screen.width from player location.x
if player location.x is less than 0, add Screen.width to player location.x
do the same for player location.y and Screen.Height