How to make pins align to top of node?

My nodes currently have pins centered vertically on the node.


However, in every guide/tutorial, even in the UE5 docs, I see the pins are aligned to top.


How do I achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi, @anonymous_user_da4075d8, welcome to the forum. What you actually have here is a Metasound node, not a blueprint. And it looks like this just works as designed.

Even if you create your own metasound nodes in C++, see this tutorial, there seems to be no way to influence the placement of the Vertices (as the pins are called in metasound nodes oddly enough). This seems to be happen far deeper in the engine code.

You can check here as well. I did have a look at the different structures from here, but there seems to be no place to define the position of vertices.


Thank you for such a thorough explanation, I highly appreciate the knowledge!