How To Make Pickups Pop?

Hello, I am trying to make my pickup items “pop out” and saw that the game Spellbreak has close to what I want (image attached)


Some sort of light shafts as well as some sort of foggy look.
I know I might need to use the particle system component but dont know what to do to make these more “alive”.

Do you know of any videos that could explain this sort of thing?

Need to edit your question so we can see the image I think.

How’s that?

Great! Yes, while not the only solution, seeing what you are trying to achieve I would suggest getting familiar with Niagara and going down the FX route to make this kind of highlight. Unfortunately I’ve had issues in the past finding good learning tools for Niagara, given that’s it’s fairly new and seems to undergo more significant changes with each engine version but I believe this might be a good starting point.

With a bit of luck someone else might point you in a direction they’ve found useful.

Thanks, I will give it a look.