How to make pawn movement relative to camera axis.

I’m creating a sidescrolling shoot em up, i started using the sidescroller template but changing the character with a spaceship and modifying the movement from walking to flying.
I parented the ship with the camera and then i’m moving the camera using matinee…in my game the scene makes some turns so the scrolling change direction instead of flowing linearly.
Anyway i have a problem relative to the word coordinates…infact the ship and cam moves on the y world axis but when i turn left, for example, the y world axis is different from the y axis of the camera or the ship…so the orizzontal movement is wrong because it moves the ship far or near the camera instead of orizzontal. I need to change the pawn movement relative to the camera axis but i don’t know how.
I found this answer:
but in that example it’s about a torque…anyway i tried getting right vector of the capsule component and connected to the world direction pin of the add movement input panel…it doesn’t work.
I thought to get right vector of the camera but i cannot reference it because it is not in the character blueprint but external in the editor (the character is parented to the camera).
So what can i do?
I’m new to ue4 so i have some problems.

you can try using a “find look at rotation” note from the Camera to the Player and use that to rotate the camera.