How to make Open World sea with map and access to Europe and North America?(Like AC4)

Kind of like in AC3-4, with open world, ships, map, and sea with wind, etc.
Where should I start with all of this?

You’re using the wrong engine, try CryEngine instead. UE4 doesn’t have any water/ocean system and judging by your question you wouldn’t know how to build it from scratch.

It depends on how much you already know about the techniques and the ue4 :wink:

For larger worlds you’ll need to read this.
World Compositor

There’s also the approach of scaling everything in your level down but I didn’t really wan’t to go near that as a beginner.

If you need/want multiplayer I can’t help with that as I haven’t even started on that issue yet, but have a look around Photon’s website.

For creating your terrain you can obviously create it in UE4 but it’s very time consuming for large worlds (trust me -_-), there’s also things like Terresculptor or World Machine (WM seems pretty useless if you don’t have any cash to buy a real version) or some kind of hybrid approach which is what I’m trying where I block out the areas in UE4 then import each heightmap to Terresculptor to give it a bit more detail but I don’t really have any idea how well it’ll work and I don’t mind just doing everything in UE4.

There are plenty of guides around for different kinds of water but you won’t get a really good looking effect with out playing around with it.
Just search Gerstner wave ocean UE4 or something in youtube, there’s some good videos there.
I followed along with Handkor’s video for my water, you will have to watch carefully. (Thank you for the vid Handkor if you happen to read this).

For your terrain material maybe look into texturing it by slope/height as it will save you a ton of time.

I just made placeholder materials for everything and I’m taking things one step at a time.

For an ocean you could try using the VA-Ocean plugin. The developer kindly offers a sample project complete with buoyancy to help you get going, it’s can give pretty nice results with a little tweaking. However, saying that, I’ve never played any AC titles so I’m not sure if there is anything special about it.

To get familiar with the engine, perhaps try making a smaller map using the terrain generator and the plug-in I mentioned. If all goes well you could then consider making a much larger scale map.

Good luck :slight_smile:

You start by downloading Europe and North America…