How to make one way platforms with 2d sprites in ue4

I am working on a 2d platformer for collage and I am trying to create a one way platform using sprites as the template given to us by are teachers uses sprites instead of tile sets. I have tried programing a way to disable collisions with blueprints and it does not work I’ve tried moving the platform to a different y value further back in to the back ground until they collide with the trigger but it does not work and I have also tried searching around the internet for help but nobody seems to ask this question maybe because they have learnt blue scripting of by heart or they do it the tile set way. it would be a massive help if some one could let me know as there could be a chance my teacher does not know what to do

You can do it in blueprints and its very simple to change the collision. Here is a screen shot of a collision change in blueprint, and what options you have to select

this doesnt really explain anything it just shows me something ive tryed and didnt work.
But thank you any way

my teacher helped me fix it so it is fine now