How to make objects between player and camera transparent?

Hello. I’m trying to make the player character visible to the character at all times without having to move the camera. My attempted solution is to make objects that come between the player character and the third person camera transparent. I am having a particularly hard time with this in Unreal because it seems that making objects transparent requires changing their materials. The problem with that is that there are many possible objects that could obscure the camera view and changing all of their materials is a huge and unrealistic task. I have been looking into dynamic materials, but not all materials have consistent parameter names. It seems I can’t change their color unless I know the specific name. Ultimately, I am looking for a way to make any object partially transparent through a line trace from the camera inside the player character’s blueprint. Is there a way to do this or a reasonable workaround?

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Look into postproces and custom scene depth. Or unreal postprocess outline material.

Yo can also do linetrace (or sphere trace) around player and make all hit actors invisible.

and here is the tutorial

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In case someone else comes across this looking for the tutorial, it moved.

Updated Tutorial Link: Unreal Engine 4: Let's Make Fading Scenery - Greg Mladucky

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