How to make object vibrate or shake XYZ?

I know how to do a camera shake with a blueprint class camera shake.
But how can you do the same effect with similar parameters and assign it to any actor, like a sphere, or any geometry?

thank you so much for any little help,
appreciate it!

Use a Timeline for this.
Add Vector Track, and manage keys between X Y Z values. Don’t forget to manage Length of timeline, Loop.
To better understand what values to apply to a particular coordinate, test it on the object itself.

Thank you very much, appreciate your info.

I was looking into the timeline features. And I followed the Documentation to Add a Vector Track.
I was also able to create some keys for the XYZ positions - but how do you add this to a physical object, like a sphere?

I tried to find any solid tutorial that shows that process - but no luck.

  • sooo… what comes after?
  • how can I add the Vector Track to a mesh?

Thank you so much for any little help, appreciate it!

Drag the sphere to the level blueprint OR, create a variable of type actor which you set by default to the sphere instance. Or add a component sphere and drag it from the variables in the left panel to the screen,
Then drag off from it and type set location.
Plug in the values and the exec pin to the update pin.

Assuming your have Local space coordinates and the correct set location node selectdd it will work.

To do the same is world position you just need to subtract (or add) from the current position, so you drag off and Get world location, then you - the value returned from the timeline, and assign world location again. Simple.

You simply can simply shake a GameObject with by getting the original position then in a coroutine function, do YourObjTransform.position … Vidmate

uffff… that’s to much for my little brain… :eek: I can’t get it done… is there maybe a Video that shows step by step how to do that? :wink:

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did you figure this out?