How to make object grow

Haha never tried. I’ll look into it for you though

you could try setting scale over time using a timeline and set scale 3d. or you could try useing morph targets.

So I want to make a snow ball grow when the player kicks it and it rolls across the ground, How would I do this?

Thank you!

Ok I will try that, thank you :slight_smile:

Scaling physics bodies has always given me trouble in other game engines. I wonder if a sphere collider will fare any better in UE4…

I’d try a BP with a static mesh component (your snowball) set to no collision and a sphere physics component set to collide with your floors. Make the mesh component a child of the physics sphere and adjust the radius of the sphere so both components are roughly the same size in the viewport.
In the Event Graph get the absolute value of a GetLinearVelocity node that’s running per tick off your physics sphere. Then have this float add/multiply/whatever a Vector3 variable that is set to both a SetRelativeScale node for your mesh as well as a SetRadius node for your physics sphere.

You might get wonky physics from updating the radius of the physics sphere during runtime. If you do, enable CCD or don’t change its radius at all.

So I tested using set actor scale 3D as ThompsonN13 said, it seems to work with physics objects just fine. I would use that node and add script to it for whatever logic you want with your growing snowball.