How to make Niagara particles show in render movie queue?

Hello there, I’ve added simple smoke particle system into my level from the starter content, everything works nice, but rendering in movie render queue shows nothing, is this a bug, or should I set something before rendering? I’ve tried adding warm up frames, but still no luck…

Hi @YosiSK! Welcome to the Forums!

Could you provide some more information about what the settings are for your particles are and how and where they are in use?

In the meantime, I have found a relevant forum thread with some solutions that may be related or help solve your current issue. Here is the thread:

Unreal Engine Forums: Particles freeze when using Movie Render Queue

I hope the above solution works for you!

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Thank you for the reply; honestly, it is the very basic Smoke from the Starter content, with some modifications. to give it directionality and larger area.

I did some more testing and rendered the shot exactly at the particle source and it seems to be working. My guess is, that even though I’ve added like 500 warmup frames, it was still way too low for the particles to actually travel the distance :slight_smile: