How To Make NavMeshBoundsVolume Dynamic During Gameplay?

Hi Community,

I’m building a enemy character and try to chase the player if the player is close enough during the gameplay.

I used AI Move To blueprint node as an attempt for now to test this functionality. And used a NavMeshBoundsVolume to generate the path for the enemy character in order to let him find the player and move close to.

But in my level, I have a moving platform which moves periodically. So before the gamebegin, the navmesh has an empty space which is occupied by the moving platform, which means the enemy won’t try to get close to the player through this way because the moving platform is currently blocking on its way.

However, since the game starts and the moving platform moves away, the enemy is expected to go through this way as it’s the shortest path to get close to the player when the moving platform is not blocking any more. But seems the NavMesh is not re-generating during the runtime. I wonder how I can achieve this goal that enemy AI can keep updating the actual shortest path to the player when things are changed in this level.

Found this on AnswerHub