How to make my turret do damage

You will need to use Apply Damage node, when the bullet collides with an object. Then on the character that has to receive damage you will need to use Event Any Damage and subtract damage received.

The turret will lock on to player and show that the bullet is hitting the player but it wont do any damage

Ive tired that and it still nothing. I can even see that a print string is saying HIT so i know its hitting the player

Can you post some screenshots of the code? Let’s see how you’re trying to apply damage.

I copied the one above with any damage

Hey there,
I didn’t know you were doing this in multiplayer and because I didn’t know anything about replication I had to do some digging. [This Video Tutorial][1] helped me a lot.

This is my setup right now, based on the video. What I’m doing is damaging a new actor in the level and both players can see the same thing, at the same time.

Below is my shooting script inside FPS Character, projectile and damaged actor. Health var inside damaged actor is being replicated.

My video [here][2] showing the results.


Thank you so much! It did have to do with server and client side, now i got to figure out how to make it work with the server side.