How to make my packaged game run well on a lower end PC ??

Hi all! I am quite new to the Unreal engine and was wondering how to make my packaged game run better on a lower end PC.

I am working on a simple side scrolling game at the moment I have 520 assets in game. I have two platforms that are using event tick to move.
On my desktop setup I get 120 fps everywhere(yes I have it capped at 120). On my 2 year old laptop with 8gb of ram a quad core AMD 1.9 ghz and integrated AMD graphics I am getting 18 to 24 fps.
If anyone can give me tips on how to optimize my game it would be much appreciated. Thank you

Edit: Just did some checking found out that my game is very GPU intensive for some reason…

Anything UE4 is GPU intensive.
You need to set graphics quality to low when running on old gpus.
There’s guides on game quality settings somewhere in docs.

Hi thanks for replying I understand that it is gpu intensive but my game is not that large is there any sort of tricks that help the performance slightly. I will look into changing the settings thanks.