How to make my map a Deathmatch map?

Hey guys =)

So I’m having some problems understanding how to make a map into a playable DM map (for example correct weapons, add weapon spawns, etc.). I found these tutorials:

But so far I seem to be stuck on even saving the folder in the correct location. What do you do if you don’t have “/Content/RestrictedAssets/Maps/” available? Should I just create the directory myself or how does it work? I’ve already installed the new UT so don’t know if that helps…

Please advise and thanks!

Hi, UT has it’s own forums right now: You’d better ask your question there. Same login and pass that you have on this forum will work there as well.

This section is a leftover from first couple of months of development, when UT didn’t have it’s own forum and had a section here.