How to make my landscape endless?

Hello guys please I have specific question about how could i make my landscape endless because i work on endless runner project so if any one can help me and another question with it can i convert the landscape to a blueprint.?

You cannot make it endless, but you can move the player to different location than the player is close to the end or make a system that spawn in front of the player when he run. no games are truly endless

Check out this UE4 [Infinite Runner][1] tutorial. This should get you what you are looking for. The same concept applies for a 2D side scroller. I believe there is a tutorial for that as well.

The concept is that you will use trigger boxes to spawn and destroy landscape components in front of and behind you as you move.

Endless Runner: Overview & Player Control | 01 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

You also have

Both a 3rd person, both work on pc/mobile devices.


Thanx brother

Endless runner is endless.

Ali: Look at the endless runner tutorials, you can make a level ever lasting. See the answer below.

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