how to make my html5 game accessible online

Hi, i packaged my game for html5, i can now launch the server on my pc et play the game on firefox but only on my computer. What is the method to put it online? Right now i have a server with windows server available, is there a way to make it with a IIS server? I can install an other OS if necessery. Thanks

I’m having the same issues and can’t figure out a solution. Will let you know if I ever get it working.

i also haven’t found any solution yet. i have been able to put the html file online wich is not hard, but i can’t load any other file, there must be a way to make the server that sends the game files accessible from the rest of internet but i can’t find how.

So I think I’ve figured out how to get it working. To be clear my goal is to have a working FPS like game on my own website (hosted at GoDaddy). I could get it working locally using the launch helper provided in the packaged folder, but not when actually deploying to my site. Also, only tested it in Chrome. Here’s all the steps I’ve done so far (some are likely not needed but I did them anyway).

  1. I created a new mobile project with starter content.
  2. In the project settings under Packaging I have for distribution checked.
  3. Also in the project settings under Platforms → HTML5 i set Development Heap size to 2048 and Heap size to 2048.
  4. Project packaged for HTML5
  5. Uncompressed all the compressed files UE4 generated.
  6. Using Adobe Dreamweaver, I modified the HTML document by removing all the .gz references (just did a CTL+F for “.gz” and deleted everything that came up - I think about 5)
  7. Uploaded the files to my site
  8. Back in Dreamweaver, I added the following text to the .htaccess fil (likely not needed because I uncompressed all the .gz, but its what I did to the working project),
    <files *.gz>
    AddType “text/javascript” .gz
    AddEncoding gzip .gz

When actually running it on the site, it took about 4-5 minutes to download and compile so i’ll probably add something saying it may take some time but it may also be my connection.

Hope this helps.

ok thanks i’il check this out later this day.

Thanks it’s almost working, it loads the game, start compiling and then i get this error: “Uncaught could not load memory initializer UE4Game-HTML5-Shipping.js.mem” i uncompressed everything and modified the html file. I’il look for a l=solution this evening

Had the same issue. With some trial and error I found that one of my game modes was causing issues. Without it, things worked just fine (even compressed .gz), but with it lots of problems occurred. Are you loading a blank project or one you’ve been working on?

dont forget to edit the line in the HTML file:

On line 379:

Edit from:

Edit to:

i use one of my project ( a very basic one in 2D unreal is new to me so nothing fancy or anything complicated)

i did that i also deleted every .gz in the html file, i’m using an iis server is there anything special to do in the configuration? there isn’t any .htaccess file

Is there a .conf file? I think they’re functionally similar.

Well I guess there’s one but I’m afraid it won’t be the same to configure.

I may have found a solution, i’il write what i did later this day

Hi, so here is how i did to make my html project work on iis, first i extracted every compressed file, removed every .gz in the html file and puted the files in the default folder of iis(C:\inetpub\wwwroot). Then i open the iis manager clicked on my website and then i went on “MIME types”(image in the attachement), and on the right, i clicked on add: first for the file name you write “.mem” and for the mime type you write “application/octet-stream”, you do it a second time but with .data instead of .mem. Then my server work online

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I Appreciate your rich response , Frankly i just saw many samples of Games by HTML5 , awesome!!.
But still scary from going into a dead point after starting building my game with HTML5 + Javascript and discover that it’s not possible to continue with it , for Example :

  • Using flash i’m sure 90% i can build my game idea because already i saw many huge games have same idea and built on Flash - Using HTML5+javascript I’m sure 55% i can build my game on it but still worried about the the technology in my advanced steps in my game. Specially HTML5 as i know still new.
    ** Note: I tested a HTML5 game on IPhone4 browsers (chrome, Safarie) and it was so slow , and i tested same game in HTC mobile , was good but wasn’t portable when you move your mobile screen to be wide position.
    I Apologize i know that i’m in the center of HTML5 forum but I’m new to both of Flash and HTML5 , so i need to take the ideal decision for building a successful project and achive good marketing.
    so i need more opinions and clarifications those will help me more

lucassou can you explain what is MIME types? Can you give a solution for any other host? An apache server perhaps?

Windows servers don’t handle this stuff very well. Ask to be migrated to a linux server. It should boot right up if you do that.

Thank you JohnRose.

I think it’s the list of the files extension the web server knows et can use. I’il see about the apache server.