How to make my Custom Event Network Replicated for Multiplayer In-Game?

Hey Guys.

Ok, let me break this down and get simple…

I created a Animation Montage that is one of the Melee attacks…

It works and all that.

Now, in my BP_Characterbase Blueprint, I have this:

My Question is this: Over in the far right it has Replicates, and there is several options in the drop down box.

Multicast, Run on server, and run on owning client.

For executing this Animation Montage, that it tied Custom Event which is then tied to my gamepad face button, since this is Multiplayer will my Montage work for all the players that are connected in game? From what I understand, it will not work in Game with Multiplayer running like it is below…

If Not, then which one do I choose, and after that what all do I need to do?


Thanks Frankie,

This Basic tut looks like a good place to start.

Checking it out now.


Hi Frankie,

I got the Server to Replicate just fine. I understand how that works, but when it comes to the client, it’s not working.

i am using Multicast and Reliable and I can see the Custom Event fire off on the Server Preview window…but not the client preview window.


I think I am missing how the client is supposed to be told to run the Custom Event.

In other words the client see what’s happening on the Server side, but on the client side the Custom Event does not fire at all.

What am I missing?


WOW. I cannot believe I got this to work.:cool::cool::cool:

I was missing telling the Client to “Run on the Server” instead of Muticast, also I had to make 2 addtional Custom Events for the Client to received the “Remote” instructions to send it back to the Server.

But I feel like I kinda got lucky when I stepped back and look at it side ways…“:rolleyes:”…

Thanks again for the LINK!

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Hey Guys,

Something weird is happening.

When I execute the the Custom Event on the Client preview window, is show to be executing on the Server, but NOT the client?

How is that happening?

The Server side is replicating over to the client and it see it in both windows. So I’ve got that part, but why could the client be replicating back to the server, but not showing up in it’s very own Client window?? :eek:


OK, I finally got it to work.

The solution for me was not found in the first link, I found the answer in this one.

My situation was more about executing complex Animations in Multiplayer Replications.


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