How to make my character aim at an actor?

Ok I have a character that can aim 45 degrees up, down, left and right. I want him to continue look at an actor as he moves around the level. So if my character forward vector is facing away from the actor I would need an angle to feed into my animation blendspace and if my character is looking directly at the actor it would need an angle value of 0. Anyone know how to set this up?

Find Look At Rotation node returns a rotator. You can then interp between the current rotation of the actor and the desired one provided by the above-mentioned node. If you do not want a smooth rotation, you can simply Set the actor’s rotation instead.

I need the difference in angle. i dont need to set a rotation. i need the difference between find look at rotation and my characters current rotation. i have it partially set up but its buggy.

ok I fixed it. I basically just needed to do findlookrotation.yaw - actorRotation.yaw. simple

Yup, depends on the axis that you need.