How to make my camera follow the player vertically but not horizontally?

Im really struggling to make this work. I want the camera to follow my player vertically but not horizontally. I have been using the 2d sidescroller template and attempted many different things but i just cant get this to work can anyone help me please ? Also im using blueprint and not C++ if that makes a difference. Any help is highly appreciated !

What have you tried so far?

I’d separate the camera from your player so they’re two separate actors. Then on Tick for the camera actor, get the World Z of your player and set your Camera actor’s World Location to 0,0, PlayerWorldZ.

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you need to find the code that tells the camera to follow the player and either disconnect the X or multiply the transform with a 0 value for X
i’m not familiar with the 2d template but if i were to make such camera system from scratch i would use a lerp movement instead of a fixed camera.

You could use the Camera Manager to override whatever the camera is doing:

Not plug and play, you’d need to provide explicit data for the camera. But it gives you quite a bit a of control over the behaviour.

I want the camera to follow my player vertically but not horizontally.

For something a wee bit more ham-fisted yet perfectly serviceable:

One note here, if the camera is tied to the level rather than to the player, it might be better to turn the camera into a stand-alone actor to avoid issues further down the line.


Yesss, this was perfect. Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much ! You have no idea how much time i spent trying to get this working !

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