How to make multiple animation sequences from one animation sequence?

When you import the FBX file you’ll see an Animation tab, and Set Range section. You can import multiple animations in a single FBX file like that, going through an import process for each animation of course.

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Is it possibe to split one big animation sequence to sub animation sequences?
For example the fbx file has Idle animation from frames 1 to 20 and Walk animation from frames 21 to 40.


Just wanted to post another way for those (like me) without the FBX file.

  1. Duplicate the animation twice, renaming them appropriately.
  2. Open the first duplicate and set the red time-position slider to the frame you want to split at
  3. Right-click the slider and choose “Remove frame 0 to frame X” (where X is your split-point)
  4. Open the second duplicate and do the same thing (you don’t need the slider but it helps find the right spot)
  5. Right-click again but this time choose “Remove frame X to frame Y” (where Y is the last frame)

Hope that helps someone,


Solved my problem perfectly! Thanks!

Still good in 2022!