How to make movement NOT relative to Camera

I used the default_Pawn for a new Pawn class and I am using the moving from the defaultPawn. I made it so I can tilt the camera, but now the movement is relative to the Camera, but I want it relative to the sphere. Can anybody help me? Because now the pawn is giong straight in the air if I tilt the Camera down and press W to go forward.

If the pawn was a character using the character movement you could set “Constrain to Plane” to true and prevent it from moving into the air when you tilt the camera, I know that isn’t a direct answer to your question but it may get you in the right direction.

OK thanks, but I just notived, that my camera movement isn’t the problem, if I disable it completely it still does the same, so it looks like the default pawn class rotates the pawn according to the MouseY-Axis. Do you know if/how I can disable it?

Look in the default pawn movement component that is where the movement inputs are setup, you can edit those settings to work the way you need them to or better yet copy it to a custom version for your pawn to use.

Where is this saved?

It is in the engine C++ classes I believe…since you are using the default pawn to make a new class making a new version of the default pawn movement component may be a good idea as well instead of editing the engine’s directly. In your content browser click on View Options then select engine content. If you search for Pawn you will see the default pawn movement component