How to make mount system for FPS?

I wanna fix weapon on ground or any other vailable cover, (perhaps by bipod),but still have no idea about what to do.

First, how do you know where a weapon can be affixed?

You can either tech up your level with special “weapons go here” actors, or you can use physics and raycasting to try to find appropriate flat upwards-facing areas.

Second, Once you know where the weapon goes, you need to switch animations (and perhaps physics) into a mode where the bipod area is fixed to the mount point, and the weapon articulates around the fulcrum. If you do this in third party, you may need to either switch the character into IK mode, or create new animations for all parts of the character for when being in “fixed” mode (similar to animations for aiming when prone, except the pivot point is different.)

If you’re in first person, then it’s a little easier; you can switch your controller to translate turning into yaw/pitch around the fulcrum, and switch camera to a camera that’s attached to the back of the gun.

You’ll also want to turn off movement when in this mode.

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solve IK for what ? bipod should be component of weapon,then weapon should be child of character ; what will happened if we apply IK to animinstance of weapon?

and there’s my codes,welcome to try and comment

The bipod is fixed. The stock of the weapon moves as you aim. The hands/arms of the character need to be put on the stock/trigger somehow. Either you build a bunch of additional blend spaces and animations, or you fix it up with IK on the characters arms, not on the bipod/weapon.