How to make more than one spawnpoint with blueprints?

I want make an open world game with dungeons, the thing is that when I walk in to the entrance of the dungeon level (switch level) and walk out again (go back to the overworld) I spawn at the start of the overworld map and not at the entrance of the dungeon. how do I make it possible to spawn at more than one place with blueprints?

I really need to get past this part to get any further with the game, does anyone have the knowledge to do this? If so please post pictures of blueprints, setups etc

In C++ theres a function that you override and pick PlayerStart on which player spawns based on PlayerController delivered

That function with be overridable from blueprint in 4.8

Alternatively you don’t need to use default spawn system and make your own, just by normaly spawning actor wherever you want and then make PlayerController possess it

I will try the last thing you said :smiley: if i cant figure it out I will wait for the 4.8 update :slight_smile:

Can you guide me a little bit on the last thing you said? so I can get it started :slight_smile:

It’s simple you spawn actor that is player pawn and usees Possess node to make playercontroller posses it, when pawn dies on event you can trigger respawn. You can implement that either in GameMode or PlayerController

thank you, will try it tomorrow :slight_smile: