How to make marketplace the bigger place?

I am worry that Unity will monopolizing the industry because the “indie game making ecosystem that rely on asset store” that unity created is keeping many small dev from switching to UE. It has happened with MAYA/MAX vs. others 3d content creation package.

 Many people won't stop using maya despite crash and bugs because all those awesome plugins/script is for maya/max only. Then the circle goes like this

** [many plugins => many user base => dev love to sell plugins => more plugins => more userbase] **

and when the monopoly happens, Autodesk do whatever they want like killing SI, bought naiad for 3-4 yeas and still don’t finish bifrost,etc. which is not healthy at all. I don’t know If I’m just paranoid or this is really happening but I want UE to win the war.

I wouldn’t worry about it, Unity and UE4 have their different uses, so they aren’t directly competing IMO. Only the developer stands to lose if they chose the wrong engine for the task at hand. To be honest, I see everyone around me as competition when it comes to game development, so it would only serve me if people stayed with Unity, but like I said before, each engine has it’s own purpose, Unity is better for smaller 2D games, and UE4 is better for larger 3D games.

The stuff that matters are the plugin type stuff, which UE4 has a number of features that Unity doesn’t that you would have to find in the asset store, and usually the implimentation of those features in UE4 is better than what you’d get in the asset store. What UE4 has by default covers quite a lot of stuff, for most people it’s all they need.

As far as art assets, I don’t think that’s a big deal, for serious developers you’d be developing your own assets for the most part anyways.