How to make main character talk ?

I"m a game design student and currently working on my graduate project and i was thinking of making my character (the playable character) to talk in some places so i tried to put sounds in some triggers but it did not work as good as i want so my question is how to make it in very good way? please can you help me if you have any good trick

Thank a lot

What went wrong or not as good as you wanted?

Like when i put the sound on trigger the sound sometime doesn’t work or it just repeat it self every time i go through it

How did you set up the blueprint. Not sure bit sounds might have an option to only play once, otherwise you need a bool to prevent it from playing more than once. Pretty sure souns have a setting to not repeat

Hi, Im also making a game right now, and for my character speaking, I used the Dialogue waves.
When you import the recorded speech for your character make a Dialogue wave for it. Right click on the folder content and choose sounds - Dialogue Wave
Then also make a dialogue voice the same way.
Assign the dialogue voice to your Dialogue wave and then add the recorded sound to it.
This is really cool cuz you can add subtitles for it too!
When you have a dialogue wave setup you can call it on any of your box triggers using the “OnActorBeginOverlap” -->“Play dialogue at location” Node in your level blueprint.
It might sound complex but It is really not.

There is also this tutorial here so you can understand better

I know it’s on how to make subtitles but it covers everything I’ve said.
I used this method in my game and it works perfectly.
Hope this helps, and tell me if it worked for you.

Sweet can you show me ur blueprints because i did as u told me but it didn’t work… the trigger is normally came to the blueprint when u choose from the editor and u open the graph but now i cannot even put it there in the graph i mean

Sure man, so basically I took the dialogue node and then as the context I set my dialogue voice (named Naro) and location set as the player’s camera. Ignore the rest, its other stuff in my blueprint

Sry for the late replay I just made everything and this one is the only problem u can take a look at it. I tried to put OnActorEndOverlap or DestroyActor but both did not worked I just want it to play one time not everytime I go through my Triggre

Hi, don’t worry for about the late reply, as long as you get the right answer and solve the problem, I don’t care how long it takes :slight_smile:
So, to answer your question, I’m guessing when you put a destroy actor at the end, you didn’t assign the trigger you wanted to get destroyed, because if you did then it just simply had to work. Of course, unless some other script is messing around with you.
If you don’t know how to assign an actor, you simply drag it into your level blueprint from your world outline and assign it to the “target” in your destroy actor node.

Now, another approach I made when dealing with this, I used the DoOnce node. which basically does the thing exactly as it says, Once. After you put the OnActorBeginOverlap, you put the DoOnce node, and then the rest of the code continues.

I’m not that great in UE, but I’m talking from my experience, from how I did it in my project. I’ve come quite far with this project, and will probably be starting a dev log.

Please tell me if this helped you.

FKING AWESOME!!! i used DoOnce and it worked :smiley: thank you very much!! you cant imagine how helpful that was :DDDD

Im very glad I could help man :slight_smile: